Founded in 2017 by Laura and Esteban Vidal, with the clear intention of educating and inspiring the new generation of entrepreneurs in the current trends of digital marketing and social networks.

Its foundations are based on the teachings of Paul O’mahony international speaker in Online Marketing and Social Media education. Currently, the two companies work together to create a new community of online entrepreneurs thirsty for success and tired of the poorly paid work system and lack of opportunities

DobleClick and Rethink, have as main objective to change the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary lives through education and training in the digital world.

Our goal is clear, to change the lives of a million entrepreneurs by 2025 and help them quit their jobs and create their own online businesses, which generated financial freedom, a meaningful life and, above all, to live with passion all they had. dreamed of.

Just as we did with our own lives and businesses

Meet Laura Vidal

Speaker, Coach and International Expert in Online Marketing and Social Media.

Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. German father and Finnish mother. Language lover and an independent woman from a young age.

I study an undergraduate in Germany in Spanish and French literature and later a postgraduate in politics, culture and economics. During his studies he took full advantage of international university exchange opportunities to live experiences in countries outside his reality.

But he spent a good part of his life following the traditional path: go to school after college, get a degree and with the idea of ​​getting a job in a reputable company.

But like many millennials, they began to realize the experience of their friends and family that when they found a “dream” job, they ended up hating the rat’s career and feeling that they were not really living the life he had always imagined for them. ..

In this moment of more uncertainty, Esteban Vidal meets her husband and current business partner. Being both at the same point they decide to attend a financial-minded seminar that changes their lives forever.

So he decided to leave the idea of ​​working and realize his dreams. Now, teach and inspire others to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.


Meet Esteban Vidal

Speaker, Coach and International Expert in Online Marketing, Social Media and Sales.

Born in Villavicencio, Colombia, Raised in Bogotá, the Colombian capital of an average family with economic difficulties and a very curious and ambitious man from an early age.

I pass through the business school studying Business Administration, with a specialization in Finance and Marketing obtaining a degree to then work in different companies that overvalue it and continued to manage archaic systems of the twentieth century.

Tired of repeating chains and seeing that he had no future in his country, for thinking differently, he decided to emigrate to Germany, without languages, with € 300 in his pocket and starting as an Au Pair in a German family.

In his loneliness and despair he begins to devour business books, personal development and entrepreneurship. Finding in them the world he had always dreamed of. He becomes addicted to online marketing and online entrepreneurship.

At that time I met Laura Vidal, his current wife and business partner. She proposes to start a world of being her own bosses and create her own company, she without thinking much gets on the boat and between them they founded DobleClick.

Nowadays with a successful company, he decides to help millions of people, especially Spanish speakers, to create their own businesses and make their personal and financial dreams possible.